Why we exist?

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We're creating India's largest repository of interviews with remote developers

Each week we interview 1 developer working a dream remote job

Asking them questions like - Exactly how did you get your job? What would you do to find your next remote job? What advice do you share with your friends?

Because we're on a mission to empower Indian developers to find the best opportunities in the world.

The thing about working such jobs is that there’s no fixed path. Everyone has a different story. That’s the challenge!

That’s why we’re interviewing developers who are working at such awesome remote jobs from India.

We'll share exactly how they got their big break, resources they use and their advice for you. So you get the role models, path and the motivation to carve out a developer career that you love.

So, if you are a developer with big ambitions, learn exactly how some developers create life-changing remote job opportunities - so you can accelerate your career.

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